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Youth Financial Fitness Fair Teaches Kids ABC’s of Saving

| March 26, 2014


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Kids might learn their ABC’s and 123’s in the classroom. But it was OUTSIDE of school today, that a number of youth were learning the important life lesson of ALWAYS BE CONSCIENTIOUS in saving. Shawn Cunningham reports.

Fort Kent high school junior Matthew Toussaint wants to be a veterinarian someday. But already he’s learning achieving his dream could cost a lot, if he’s not careful in how much he spends. “Its been really cool so far to see how you have to pay for things in the real world and how it all adds up, I think I’m gonna have to do some revising,” says Toussaint. Matthew and all these other juniors from schools throughout the county are participating in this financial fitness fair put on by the Aroostook Chapter of Credit Unions. Its a daylong REAL WORLD experience. One that MTV should script for young viewers, teaching youth the importance of budgeting for everyday life. So they won’t bankrupt their futures. Ken Hensler is the┬áPresident of the County Federal Credit Union and says “There’s a housing booth, transportation it gives every kid an opportunity to go to a booth select a vehicle select what level of insurance they’re gonna have and this is all real life after college and the whole purpose is to show them how to budget on a monthly expense.” “They might have an idea of the career they want but what money does that mean for them what expenses will they have so its really a real life look where you get to revise if you make a mistake,” adds Diana Dionne, the Communications Director of the┬áMaine Credit Union League. And there were plenty of revisions being made after this announcement. Kids learning the hard way, that the hard knocks of life can you hurt you deeply, even bankrupt you if you don’t plan and SAVE for the unexpected. That’s life. Jessi Tracy is a Hodgdon High School student and says “I don’t think I’m doing that great right now probably at least a couple thousand over…” “It helps learning how to keep a budget, make one and maintain one..” adds Joseph Alden Hodgdon High School. Alexis Cote is another student who attends Madawaska High School and says “Personally I’m doing good I haven’t hit all the booths yet, but I have a good budget to work with so we’ll see.” “Its gonna help me later on after I graduate college and stuff like that, but its alright,” says Brandon Barriere a student at Wisdom High School. Matthew says “once you graduate college there’s a lot of expenses you have to takeover form your parents and its good to know how to manage your money.” And that’s wisdom you can certainly BANK ON.

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