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Young Advocates From Fort Kent High School Achieve Recognition For Combating Teen Drinking And Substance Abuse

| December 20, 2013

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A student organization at Fort Kent High School is proud to be the recipient of a group achievement award. It’s a group on campus called Youth Voices which has been a leader at school and community for substance abuse and underage drinking awareness. Today we’re hearing from some of the members in that group.

They combat substance abuse and underage drinking as the voice of their community and school. Now their achievements have earned them a trophy.

Jared Michaud says,  “We’re kind of that voice who doesn’t mind to stand out and speak our minds.”

Jared Michaud is a junior at Fort Kent High school who’s one of the several members of Youth Voices.   They recently received an Impact Award for group achievement in Augusta where they were handed the this trophy. They believe it was earned for more that what they do at school.

Jenna Lynds, also a Junior says,  “we partner with a lot of adults in the community and we make a good change in our community and around the state too.”

The awarding of their Group Impact Trophy has done more than bring recognition to their campus…Superintendent Tim Doak says it sets an example for other schools and communities.

Tim Doak, Superintendent says,  “Now their program is exemplified as a standard of what most schools should be trying to uphold in their community with under age drinking, substance abuse and just the whole awareness of teenage drinking.”

Their efforts to combat teenage drinking have been most notably recognized in the community and within their group.

Jared Michaud says  “Underage drinking has gone down a lot in Aroostook county in the last 8 years and i feel like we’ve made an impact on that especially like since some of the members have been in this group since 6th grade and so we’ve definitely worked hard.”

Earning trophy doesn’t mean they’re done, Youth Voices will continue to fight the good fight, and be heard within the county, and state of Maine.

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