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Wreaths Across America ceremony held at Northern Maine Veterans Memorial Cemetery

| December 14, 2013


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This time of year is one when families come together and celebrate the holiday season. But at many homes there’s an empty seat for someone who is serving overseas or for someone who has passed away while doing so. That’s why on December 14th, a national ” Wreaths Across America” ceremony is held at Veterans Cemeteries across the country to honor Veterans that have passed away and those that are still alive today. News Source 8’s Angela Christoforos has the story…

One by one 7 holiday wreaths were laid at the Northern Maine Veterans Memorial Cemetery, In remembrance of close to 600 Veterans that are buried there.

State Adjutant of Maine Veterans of Foreign Wars Andre Dumas said, “This is to honor them for what they have done and their service to the country.”

Each wreath represents each one of the armed forces. From the Navy, to the Army, Airforce, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Merchant Marines, and POW MIAs. Wreaths Across America is recognized nationally. Over 800 locations throughout the country held services like the one held in Caribou.

State Office Representative for Senator Susan Collins Phil Bosse said, “Wreaths Across America was started by a family that makes wreaths in Washington County and it started as a small effort and now there’s over 300,000 wreaths that are put up in Veterans Cemeteries all over the country.”

This annual tribute pays respect to those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

“Holidays especially you think about the families that have loved ones that are in Afghanistan, Iraq, and all over the world that aren’t home with their families,” said Bosse.

Over 300,000 wreaths were put up in Veterans Cemeteries across the country on Saturday. Maine has per capita the most Veterans of any state in the country.

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