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World Pond Hockey Preview

| February 13, 2014

pondhockeyweb from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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The 13th annual World Pond Hockey Championships are just getting underway in Plaster Rock. The village will be the hockey capital of the  world for the next four days.  Once again this year teams from all over the world will be competing.


Braun: ” Another great year in the terms of geographic interest.  We have got every Canadian province represented except Saskatchewan but we do have a team from the Yukon. 17 US States plus 7 different Countries world wide. A new entry from Holland which is a first timer for us.”

This group drove in an RV from New York City. They are all New York City Police Officers and will be enjoying a few days in WesternNew Brunswick,  James Orourke has been here several times

Orourke:”We are all little kids again. We all played hockey since we were little. In New York there’s no frozen ponds where we live and this is what keeps us coming back every year.  Danny runs a great tournament and everyone we meet from all over the World and I have become friends with these people throughout the year.”

Fellow New York Police Officer Ryan Collis is playing for the New York Shields a first time entrant in the event

Collis:” I played growing up I was 5 years old did the whole Jr and Prep School and currently play for the NYPD hockey team traveling all over the World.  Being outside there is nothing like it. It’s a dream come true.”

Steve Ruskay from Fernie British Columbia having fun on the ice today also .He is another veteran of the event who loves the time on the ice

Ruskay:”We keep coming back because we love the town and love the people. We made some great friends here and we love playing pond hockey. Being outside on the ice the way it was meant to be.”

Rochelle Chappel of Plaster Rock was taking a walk around the area with some youngsters and she said this event is great for the community

Chappel:”It brings a lot of people to the Community. The kids get very excited over it. It goes well we hope.”

braun says they would love to have visitors from throughout the county and Western New Brunswick attend the free event

Braun:” There’s places to get in and get warm. We encourage all people if they want to see some great hockey outdoors the way it was first played. It’s a good spot to be for the weekend.

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