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World Acadian Congress Adding Spiritual Component To Calendar of Events

| June 11, 2014


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The World Acadian Congress is just around the corner. 57 days away in fact. We told you yesterday a little about a new event that’s being added to the already busy calendar of activities. Shawn Cunningham reports how this new addition will help unify thousands of people.

Plans are underway for the upcoming World Acadian Congress, including the event addition of a spiritual mass that will cater to thousands of people. Jacques LaPointe is the Spiritual Coordinator for the Congres Mondial Acadien 2014 and says “It will be the August 15th mass which is the Day of Assumption and Mary is our Patroness so we expect thousands of people to show up for that mass.”

Lorraine Pelletier is the Maine Regional Coordinator of the Congress Mondial Acadien 2014 and says “they’re gonna be definitely inspired and feel the connection and the closeness of the families because we are asking families to be part of the procession we are asking organizations to be part of this huge mass we’re expecting thousands of people and just the unity of the acadians coming together celebrating…”

Organizers of the World Acadian Congress say the voulet spiritual or spiritual component is an important part of the historic and cultural aspect of the Acadian people.

LaPointe says “What has inspired the acadians to survive as a people is their faith, they went through so much in regards to the genocide in 1755 and the separation of families and everything but what was stable, what was solid for them was their faith.”

Pelletier (Pell-TEE-AY) says she’s heard from local businesses on BOTH SIDES of the border excitedly anticipating the positive economic impact the world acadian congress will have on the regional economy.

Pelletier adds “I have tried to narrow it down to the exact number of people coming in and every single town will have numerous people in the area those 17 days and it will be busy and it will provide a lot for the local businesses.”

Organizers say other events are being added to the world acadian congress schedule that will highlight the rich cultural tradition that is the Acadian people. The World Acadian Congress will take place throughout the St. John Valley August 8-24.

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