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World Acadian Congress 2014 Set To Begin…Now One Day Away.

| August 7, 2014


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Its just one day away now from the official start of the World Acadian Congress. Years of planning will commence with a formal ceremony tomorrow and two week’s worth of cultural festivities. Shawn Cunningham was in Edmundston, New Brunswick where folks are working down to the wire on last minute preparations.

This room is the communications center at the Universite de Moncton Edmundston campus. it’s the hub where proper flow of information and logistics for the Congres Mundial Acadien 2014, the World Acadian Congress will originate from. Ensuring the right information gets out about the CMS is one of many priority tasks. CMA Executive Director Leo Paul Charest says everyone is ready.

Leo Paul Charest is the Executive Director for the¬†CMA 2014 and says “we’re fixing every little nitty thing, I mean overall we’re ready everything is going fine but like in every world people wait till the last minute to do things and we’re trying to answer the people that are looking for information.”

Also ready are area hotels. motels and restaurants that make up the hospitality industry. Down the street from the universite, the owner of the Happy Motel is DELIRIOUSLY happy his business is benefitting from touris, dollars.

Ron Cyr is the owner of The Happy Motel and says “its really good for the whole city, and its good for me and good for everybody else.”

At the Best Western CMA participants and travelers were checking in…

Roger Frenette CMA Participant and says

SC: Is this gonna be good for tourism…

RF: “oh yes, yes definitely, you’ll see people from all over the world come.”

Hotels and motels on both sides of the vorder are practically booked. And businesses are excitedly anticipating tourism dollars. Charest says a plan to boost the economic component will help the region.”

And the Acadian colors are red, white blue and yellow are a colorful welcome sign to tourists. With so much decor on both sides of the border, they can’t help but spend time takign it all in…and spending it all back into these communities.

Jeremy Felix Nadeau is a CMA Tourist From Montreal and tells Newssource 8 “this is surprising cause normally you don’t see Edmunston with so much color and acadian flags..

Jean Louis Nadeau another CMA Tourist From Montreal says “its gonna attract a lot of peoplethere’s acadians all over the world.”

Attract alot of people, and bring alot of attention to this region…The CMA will launch with the official opening ceremonies Friday.

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