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Woodstock Storm Damage

| September 13, 2013


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Two tornado warnings were issued Wednesday afternoon; route 11 and Oxbow saw the some of the worst damage in the county. But it’s not the only part of the region which was affected. Damage was also reported over the border in New Brunswick. Powerful winds from Wednesday’s storm ripped off part of the roof at the Civic Center in Woodstock.

Woodstock Chief Administrative Officer Ken Harding said,  “It’s a large membrane roof and it’s about 88 hundred square feet so it’s quite an extensive structure it tore the complete membrane system and isolation system off that roof.”

The storm occurred at 6 PM atlantic time, and the roof that was damaged covered the pool at the Civic center; which fortunately had been shutdown for annual maintenance at the time. Luckily crews were on hand working on an expansion project, and they were able to respond to the damage quickly. The Chief Administrative Officer of Woodstock says the storm had some of the highest winds the town has seen in a long time. He estimates the total cost in damages is over $100,000 and that’s just at the civic center alone.

Woodstock Chief Administrative Officer Ken Harding said,  “In the downtown area we had another roof in a commercial building impacted by the storm, very similar to the Civic center the roof was torn off.”

Harding says though that the Civic Center was impacted the most; in addition to the roof damage, there was also damage to the front area of the building. To seal the building from further damages, the roof was covered with a temporary tarp.

Woodstock Chief Administrative Officer Ken Harding said,  “Typically in Woodstock when we see a large storm the worst impact we get is water, we get the typical problems due to localized flooding. It rained very hard but it didn’t rain for a long period of time. So we didn’t get a lot of water damage, we got wind damage and that’s different for us.”

Woodstock wasn’t the only area hard hit'; just 6 miles north in Victoria Corner powerful winds knocked down trees. Overall over 5,000 power outages were reported in the province.

Woodstock’s Chief Administrative Officer says that besides some lost fencing, the civic center expansion project was not impacted too heavily because it was in the early stages of foundation work. The project involves an $8 million multi-purpose field house that is set to be completed late next summer.

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