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Woman Committed to Psychiatric Facility for Stabbing Boyfriend Allowed Supervised Time Away

| November 19, 2013

Riverview Psychiatric Center

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) – A Bangor woman committed to a psychiatric facility after she was found not criminally responsible for the stabbing death of her boyfriend is being allowed supervised time away from the hospital.  A judge recently ruled that 54-year-old Gail Judd can leave Riverview Psychiatric Hospital for up to four hours per day. She was given permission to leave when a doctor ruled she posed no danger to society. Judd was sent to the hospital indefinitely in March after she was found not criminally responsible by reason of insanity for the February 2012 death of 47-year-old Michael Drouin. Judd’s attorney said his client was in a delirious state at the time of the stabbing, because she had a liver condition that caused too much ammonia to be in her system.

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