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Wise Women Exhibit

| September 11, 2013

JOYCETPKG from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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“I can still remember what it feels like to love with all of my heart”,  These words were spoken by Elva Ezarra.  She is just one of the many women whose photograph is hung at world renowned photographer Jocyce Tenneson’s Wise Women exhibit..

Tenneson says, “all of my portraits really, attempt to show the soul of the person, not just the phesad not the materialistic kind of phesad but to go within and find something you know deep about that person.” says Tenneson.

All of the photographs are taken from Tenneson’s best selling book, Wise Woman, it display’s portraits of women aged 65-100.  20% of her book features celebrities such as Coretta Scott King and the other percent are normal people just like you and I.  She has been traveling around with this exhibit quite a bit,It took over the windows of Sax Fifth avenue in New York for an entire month.

“it was such a thrill walking down fifth avenue and seeing these, twenty huge blow ups of the women in the wise women book”, say’s Tenneson.

Joyce Tennesons art work has been featured all over the world, and her latest exhibit, Wise Women, is on display right here at UMPI.  Not only having her art exhibited but she will also serve as a distinguished lecturer, which is a first at the University.

Wise Woman will be on display through October 12th at UMPI’s Reed Gallery, also Joyce Tenneson will be speaking tonight at 7 p.m. In the UMPI campus center, the talk is free and anyone is invited to go and be a part of this special evening.

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