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While Americans celebrate Columbus Day, Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving

| October 14, 2013


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Most Americans had today off of work or school, in celebration of Columbus day. In Canada they also had the day off, but there day consisted of eating turkey and pumpkin pie.  The Canadians celebrate their thanksgiving the second Monday in October every year.  Its an annual holiday to celebrate the harvest and other blessings from the past year.

Most Americans will watch the Macy’s Day Parade and football on Thanksgiving, in Canada they watch the Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest parade, This parade is part of a nine day festival, beginning the Friday before thanksgiving and ending the Saturday after, and as for football, the Canadian Football league televises a double header. News Source 8 spoke with a few Canadians today, and it turns out that the only difference really between American and Canadian Thanksgiving, is the date.

Jean-guy Landry a New Brunswick resident told us, “I celebrate with family and friends, we have turkey and all of the trimmings its about the same as your thanksgiving”

Fay Trecartin a New Brunswick resident said, “I don’t think its any different, they have the turkey dinner too, turkey or ham.”

“We always have a big family celebration, where all of the harvest people stop work for one day and gather around as a big family, they have a big turkey and stuffing and all of the pies you can imagine.” Added another New Brunswick resident Zoey Taylor.
So whether it’s the last Thursday in November or the Second Monday in October, family and friends from all over sit down over a table filled with food, and count their blessings.


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