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When you give, you’re actually receiving, and it’s all done by volunteering

| November 28, 2013

Volunteering from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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This holiday season is a lot more than giving thanks, it’s also about giving back. That’s why Volunteering is special during the holidays.

They’re not exactly the breakfast club but a family in Woodland Maine volunteers their time and effort to make breakfast for veterans.

The father, Ralph Conroy says “it gives me chance to get my kids in there and spend some time with them.”

The Conroy’s serve up breakfast at the Caribou Veterans home on a regular basis.

Colby Conroy says, “one of the huge things I do is just socialize with them visit them and let them tell stories that they usually don’t get to tell other people.”

Eggs, bacon, juice, and being there, is all part of giving.  A special feeling that’s accomplished simply by being a volunteer.

Dylan Conroy says, “it’s important to me I get to see the smiles on their faces when I walk through the door.”  Makenzie Conroy, “it means a lot to me because I know that I’m giving them something that they normally don’t get to do.”

Many volunteer opportunities are available right here in the county especially during this holiday season. Volunteers are very important to many non profit agencies, organization and community programs that rely on a helping hand. Not only to help the people they serve but to help with services.

Claudia Stevens, executive director of United Way of Aroostook tells us, “when you volunteer your time to help an agency whatever agency that might be, that’s money that they don’t have to spend on work that needs to be done and is an incredible value.”

Many organizers and directors of programs like Dixie Shaw of Catholic Charities who sees many volunteers will tell you that when choosing a place to volunteer, it’s important that one believes in the cause. And it’s always special during the holidays since everyone is already in the giving mood.

Shaw says,  “I think that’s a chance for people to be able to give something of themselves, and to me that’s the best thing you can give – you give a gift of yourself – that’s the best.”

Regardless of where you volunteer everyone wins because if you think about it, in some way, giving, is receiving, and oh by the way, The Bureau of labor statistics says last year, about 64 and half million people nation wide volunteered their time to help others.

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