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What Does A Yes Vote Mean For UMFK On Tue. Nov 5 Ballot?

| November 5, 2013

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The November 5th ballot will include a bond question on educational and employment opportunities for the 7 University of Maine campuses.

Students are aware of the increasing jobs in nursing and engineering. And Universities want those students to get the best education they can in those fields.

Chancellor of the UMaine System James Page says, “we’ve had an increase of well over 25 percent of students who are getting degrees in those areas in the last 5 years so the employers are telling us the jobs are there, and the students want them, and this bond would help create the environment and facilities to realize those goals.”

In the nursing and allied health fields at UMFK there’s a high demand for a skilled workforce. University officials in Fort Kent say getting the bond proposal approved, not only helps the the University, but the community as well.

Kelly Martin, chairperson for the advocacy committee says,  “the ability for a student to receive an affordable top notch education at UMFK and to be able to stay locally to work is a plus to the community.”

UMFK would get 1.2 million dollars of the 15.5 million state-wide for all Umaine colleges as part of the bond issue. Forest Geographic and technologies would be invested in as well, since they’re in the STEM departments…Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics.

Dave Hobbins is a professor at UMFK who says, “we went into this having a plan that’s gonna benefit the infrastructure and technology on campus so specifically that’s what I’m looking at is GIS and GPS from my aspect there are other benefits as well..”

Professor Hobbins says much of the money would address infrastructure needs on the campus as well.  UMFK has been well recognized for it’s nursing programs. The vote on this bond and the other 5 proposals is November 5th. If bond number 2 for UMaine colleges does NOT get approved, Universities will continue to apply for grants as they usually do as necessary for upgrades to facilities and equipment.

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