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Wesget Sipu hosts second annual Community Giveaway

| October 27, 2013


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Donat Cyr is Chief of the Wesget Sipu Tribe Based out of the St. John Valley area.  The Wesget Sipu council along with the Maine Intertribal Alliance had the idea to have a community free give away.  Offering free donated items to anyone dealing with financial hard ship’s who have trouble clothing themselves as well as their families.

“Its hard to say well, you can go to the thrift store and pick up clothes for your kids, but what if you don’t even have a dollar, for a shirt or a pair of pants.” Said Cyr.

They began this program for the first time last year. Cyr told us that they never knew there was such a need for this in the community.

“When we opened the doors last year we gave away a tractor trailer full of clothes, furniture and food.” Cyr told us.

It was so successful that they decided to open the doors again this year.  Already they have surpassed the amount they gave away last year. Cyr told us that donations have been coming in from down state. Patient Airlift Services of Maine have also been flying in every other day or so dropping off food as well as clothes.

“When you have to buy fuel oil you have to make a decision as to buy fuel oil for your kids, or food for your kids how are you going to buy clothes?” Said Cyr.

This give away will be going on through October 30th, Cyr told us that last year over 500 families were helped.  This give away goes on once a year currently, however in the future they plan to change that.  Cyr said that he would like to start doing this at least twice a year in the near future.

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