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Week Two of Moose Hunt Starts, Spectators Excited

| October 15, 2013

Moose Spectators from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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Week two of the 2013 Maine Moose hunt! Hunters have hit the woods all over Aroostook County. We stopped by Gateway Variety in Ashland to talk to spectators…who love this season just as much as the hunters themselves do.

Gerald Smith of Castle Hill says, “I enjoy seeing the size of them…how many there is and how big they are…and seeing the people bringing them in, a lot of people I’ve met over the years.”

Whether it’s guessing how much the moose weigh, checking out the spread of the antlers, or seeing that smile on the hunter’s face, there’s something about the moose tag that has many non-hunters in awe.

“We try to come up when we can see this happening…when we can see the moose harvest and come down and watch them bring the moose in and tag them and everything so its just exciting…gets your adrenaline going,” says Larry Long, who grew up here and currently lives in Alabama.

Larry Long grew up here and currently lives in Alabama — but he knows there’s nothing like moose season in Northern Maine.

Long says, “every time I come up and I try to get some pictures of the moose and the deer and stuff and take it back down and they’re just amazed at these animals and there was actually one lady I was showing a picture she says god that’s an ugly horse…and I said that’s not a horse, that’s a moose!”

Dick Malo takes pictures of the moose his friend Bruce got — he was along for the whole hunt…and loved every minute of it.

Malo says, “the whole experience though…just packing, planning, and finding..we saw a cow earlier this morning before we got to this one.”

And for other spectators…they love the anticipation…sitting, watching, waiting for that thousand pound moose.

“I know there’s going to be some bigger ones that come in here,” says Peter Gerow of Moro Plantation. “That’s what we we’re looking for, the big ones.”

After this week, spectators have another week to see moose get tagged in November.

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