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Week Two of Moose Hunt is Underway

| October 14, 2013


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Its the first of the October Moose Hunt.  Tagging stations were very busy. The Fort Kent Registration Station had over a dozen vehicles lined up as hunters were looking to register and weigh their moose.


Justin Dubois and two other employees from Quigley’s Hardware and Outdoor Store were right out straight tagging moose.

“It started right around 9:30 and hasn’t stopped. We are over 30 now and we have 12 sitting in the parking lot. It’s going to be a busy afternoon.”

Dubois said they try to make it a positive experience for the hunting parties

” We want people to be happy with the experience it doesn’t happen very often.  We want them to enjoy the experience and want to make sure we fill out all the paper work. “

Traditionally the Fort Kent tagging station weighs and registers moose from most of the St John Valley

” We tag for Zones 1,2, and three, there is an additional tagging station this week which will take away some of the moose from Zone 3.  We are probably the second largest tagging station in the State. We cover from the Allagash area in Zone 1 all the way  to Van Buren for Zone 3 depending on where the shoot the animal.”

The first hunt back in September saw over a dozen moose weighing in at over a thousand pound registered, This time the bulls will be a little lighter, but still some monsters have been tagged

” We tagged a monster this morning at 950 pounds.  After the rut the typically lose about 200 pounds so this would have been an 11 hundred pound moose.  The moose also had a 62 inch rack. We have seen some big ones and some big ones are waiting in line right now”


HERE are the numbers for today

Ashland- 34

Fort Kent 55 including one with a 64 and a quarter inch rack.

Macwahoc- 2

Mt Chase- 6

New Sweden- 14

Presque Isle- 4

Van Buren 16 including a 990 pound bull

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