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Washburn Pump Project Working Well in Community

| December 11, 2013


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A project that was initially a DRAIN on the Washburn Water and Sewer District is now reaping success.  Behind this locked door, UNLOCKS a project that’s got the Washburn Water and Sewer District PUMPED. They put in this pump station a year ago and it got off to a slow start because of some initial problems, primarily the pump being overloaded. But water and sewer district officials ensure no residents were affected by any of the pump problems. Matthew Palmer works for the Washburn Water and Sewer District and says “There wasn’t any issues that affected the community we had a secondary system back up alarms and so soon as one of the pumps failed were able to be notified and we made the repairs to it.” Palmer adds the pump is now working well in serving the town and residential customers. In addition to fixing issues with the pump, Palmer says the district has been busy with a number of other issues. All of which he says remain in line with their 2013 budget. This year, they were UNDER budget by about 16 thousand dollars. “We’re working within our budget line items and this year we’re able to side the rest of the sewer plant, paint the pump stations that really needed it and we were also able to get a loan from the Maine Municipal Association for some safety equipment,” says Palmer.  Washburn Water and sewer district officials say that now that the pump station project is working well, they can turn their attention to another major project that will improve quality of living in the town.” Palmer says “we are in the process of taking the perimeter drains out and we’re having sub pump issues in the collection system and so we’re looking at in 2014 to draft a letter to the community and tell them that DEP is forcing us to remove the excess water from the town system.” Palmer says that’s an extensive project that will take up to three years to complete. He says it will affect the entire town of Washburn and the cost is still being determined. He hopes that project will bode well, and not be a DRAIN on the community.

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