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Washburn Mill Pond visually displeasing to residents

| May 23, 2014


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Earlier this year work on the Washburn Mill Pond and dam removal began. It’s still a work in progress, but some Washburn residents say it’s left a visually displeasing sight in it’s place. New Source 8’s Angela Christoforos checked in with the Department of Environmental Protection to see what’s being done to change it…

Washburn Residents Justin Nichols and Wendy Bartley said, “They’ve got the big tree trunks and everything just laying there.” ” It don’t look appealing to me, really.”

What these residents are talking about is the appearance of the Mill Pond in Washburn since work began on the Dam removal project earlier this year. Some residents aren’t happy with what they call an “unappealing visual” close to their homes.

” They just built a park right behind the pond and now the pond don’t even look like a pond anymore.”

The Northern Maine Department of Environmental Protection says they are far from done with this project, but shoreline restoration is part of the plan.

Regional Director of the Northern Maine Department of Environmental Protection Nick Archer said, “This is something we’ve been talking about throughout the project in other meetings we’ve had actual engineering renderings of what it might look like after we’re done.”

Archer tells me before final restoration of the area can take place, they’re waiting on the next spring freshet or in other words the next spring thaw, when you normally have your highest flow. They’ve had one so far but they need two and the next one doesn’t happen until spring of 2015.

“That should tell us where the final stream approximately is going to be flowing, so then we’ll know where our shoreline is going to be, right now we don’t know where it’s going to be,” said Archer.

Washburn Town Manager Beverly Turner was unavailable for an interview on camera, but she tells News Source 8 quote ” There’s some cleanup and work that will be continuing and by the time it’s done it will look much different than it does now.”

“We’ll be here measuring and we’ll have an engineering firm here doing measurings and planting and in the meantime we’ll be raising more money,” said Archer.

And Archer says when they are finally done, the town of Washburn will be proud of the end result. Construction is expected to be completed by September of 2015.

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