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Washburn Man Celebrates His 101st Birthday

| June 20, 2014


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Turning 100 is quite an achievement- and today a Washburn native celebrated his 100 plus 1, at a local eatery he goes to everyday. New Source 8’s Angela Christoforos has more..

Meet Herman Doody– he’s a Washburn resident, a loyal McDonalds customer, and he’s now officially a centenariarn plus 1.

Presque Isle McDonalds  Morning Manager Carrie Faulkner said, “The family brings him in everyday, and he’s been coming here for the last 3, 4 years. He gets an oatmeal no fruit in it, he gets a hash brown, a coffee with cream and sugar in it”

But today– cake and ice cream was also on the menu, in celebration of his 101 years of life.

Herman’s Daughter in Law Alice Doody said, “Farmed all his life, Christian all his life, a really good man, married to Sadie Spooner.”

Herman’s Son Wallace Doody said,  “I’ve never heard him swear.”

Herman’s Great Grandson Isaac Sines said, “He lives across the road from me.”

Herman’s from California Settlement New Brunswick, but he’s lived in Washburn for the past 89 years. He raised 3 children… and his children had children…

” How many grand kids and great grand kids does Herman have?”

” Oh boy… Great great great.”

” The family’s enjoyed him for a lot of years,” said Alice Doody.

And the staff at McDonalds enjoys serving Sherman every morning.

” He don’t talk very much, very quiet. He’s a very good Christian man and I think that’s the reason why he’s still here today,” said Faulkner.

” Dad what’s the secret to a long life?”

“What’s the secret of a long life?”

“You wouldn’t want to tell it here?”

“No.” (LAUGHS)

” Probably one day at a time.”

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