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Washburn Looking For Fourth Straight Gold Ball

| February 28, 2014


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The Washburn Beavers are in a very familiar spot on Saturday. The team will be vying for its fourth straight state championship   Trams:” The girls want to continue to play they have such a strong work ethic.  They want to improve every game so I was happy how they played and we are continuing to practice hard this week.” The Three seniors in the starting lineup, Carmen Bragg, Nicole Olson and Carsyn Koch are looking to do what few others groups have done winning state titles in each of your four years in High School, The Westbrook , Lawrence and Gorham girls each won four straight States The Jonesport boys of the early 70’s won five striaght and Valley boys won Six straight States. The girls all says that putting the uniform Saturday will be bitter sweet Bragg:”It’s a bitter sweet moment for me. I have been really thankful for all the opportunities I had in playing with different teams. It has been an awesome experience for me Olson:” it is very bitter sweet you don’t think about the end your Freshman, Sophomore and Jr year when it gets here it is even more special. and I am really excited and at the same time really sad it is my last game.” Carsyn Koch agrees with her teammates and says the secret to success is the teams drive to win Koch:”We are a very determined group. We are very determined and very driven and we hate to lose and that is a good combination for us. i think that is why we are so successful is because we are so competitive.” The Beavers will take on Forest HIlls on Satuday a team that is very similar to Wshburn with tight defense and they love the three ball. Coach Trams says she doesnt think the Beavers will feel added pressure to win four in a row. Trams:” I think that is the outcome they would like and they are going into it with that mindset. I think they are really good about focusing one game at a time. We are breaking it down into what we need to do to put successful

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