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Washburn Community Comes Together to Help Displaced Residents

| August 5, 2013

Washburn from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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Crews have been at the Washburn Estates living complex all day working to restore the building’s power and assess the damage done by a lightning strike just a day ago that started a fire in the attic. Though none of the 24 displaced tenants can move back into their homes yet, others in the community are working to get their needs met.

Beverly Turner, Washburn Town Manager says, “I’ve talked to CS management who owns Washburn Estates and they are assessing electricity problems and getting that back on water and that kind of thing to see when people might be able to move back in – some of the apartments were not damaged at all.”

News Source 8 spoke to the Executive Director of the pine tree chapter of the American Red Cross Joyce Knorr on the phone – who tells us that all parties involved will be at the Washburn Estates on Tuesday morning to assess the situation. Knorr says that there are still 8 unidentified individuals who they haven’t yet heard from – and she encourages them to visit the Washburn Town office Tuesday as the Red Cross will be there helping out from 1230-330.

Though Sunday was a difficult day for so many people, immediately after having to leave this building, residents told us that they were just thankful to have made it out safely, and they were grateful for the community’s support.

Resident Honey Chandler says “From the story apartments next door..they came with water…there for just the moral’s an outstanding place to live..and CS management has been there for us too.”

Among the many who helped out were the Snowmobile Club who opened their doors so residents could have shelter, MSAD 45 for bussing them there, and County Farms Market – who donated food and drinks to both firefighters and residents.

Mike Gallagher of County Farms Market says, “we understand how hard it is for those guys to do their jobs and of course how hard it is for the families so we do all we can to provide them with the food until the rest of the community can come together and give them the stuff they need.”

Turner says, “part of living in a small town is that everybody looks out for everyone else and yesterday there was community help everywhere, and we were just very fortunate to see that.”

And that caring community spirit is going to continue. Turner says she’s already taken calls from businesses asking how they can be of assistance. And Gallagher says from this point forward, the market is going to continue to do what they can to get these folks back on their feet.

TO CONTACT THE RED CROSS: 941-2903 ext. 5.

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