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Voter turnout of Election Day 2013

| November 5, 2013


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Mainers across the State took to the polls today to vote on 5 statewide bond referendum questions.  Although there were no candidate elections statewide there were plenty of local elections concerning council members and school board members.  Though this years election brought a smaller turnout of voters than years past.

Warden for the City of Caribou Jayne Farrin said, “I’m hoping over 1,000 which will be lower than last year.”

Warden for the City of Presque Isle Larry Perry said, “An off year election doesn’t bring people out, people don’t seem too, they’re more interested in gubernatorial and the Presidentials.”

The Governor’s Election isn’t set to take place until November of next year. But Tuesday voters still had a chance to vote for local council members, school board members, and 5 statewide bond referendums. Question 1 pertained to providing a $14 million dollar bond issue to provide funds for the Maine Army National Guard. Question 2 centered on a $15 million 500 thousand dollar bond to enhance laboratories and classroom facilities in the University of Maine school System. Question 3’s focus is on a $100 million dollar bond towards the reconstruction of the State’s highways and bridges. Question 4 is about providing a $4 million 500 thousand dollar bond for a new science facility at the Maine Maritime Academy. And lastly, Question 5 was on a $15 million 500 thousand dollar bond issue to upgrade the buildings and classrooms of the Maine Community College System. News Source 8 talked to some voters to find out which they found to be most important…

Presque Isle voter Rachael Hannah said,  “Well certainly number 2, I’m an UMPI Professor and so I want to see the best for our students.”

Presque Isle voter Darryl C. Wood said,  “Most of them all are, you know they help out education and we need the roads done.”

Presque Isle voter Leigh Smith said, “The Maine Maritime one was the closet one to my heart because they showed initiative by raising public funds 2/3’s of that.”

For an off year election, Presque Isle’s Warden says the voter turn out hasn’t been too bad; averaging about one voter a minute.

Warden for the City of Presque Isle Larry Perry said, “There are 6,000 voters in the city of Presque Isle, I would guess our turn out today might be around 1,000.”

Officials say they’re expecting a greater turn out of voters for the November ballot in 2014. Voters have until 8 o’clock Tuesday night to cast their votes.

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