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Volunteers Come Together to Serve Thanksgiving Dinner in Houlton

| November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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From preparing the potatoes, to serving the stuffing, to sharing a smile, volunteers at St. Mary’s Catholic Church are making sure that everyone in and around Houlton can get a good hot meal this Thanksgiving day.

Deacon Albert Burleigh says, “that’s what we’re asked to to serve others, this is one little way that we give thanks, thanks back to god because He has given us everything that we have.”

A tradition that’s gone on for more than 20 years – dozens of community members come out and do all they can to provide folks in the area with the food and fellowship that this holiday is all about.

Grand Knight of the Houlton Knights of Columbus David Grant says, “it’s quite a relief to a lot of them I think..some of them had no place to go..and I think they look forward to it.”

Volunteer Tammie Mulvey says “I love seeing all the different people that come in here and love to chit chat with all of them try to give them a good smile and welcome them and tell them that life is good.”

Paul McGillicuddy is 100 years old and has been coming to this Parish since he was a little boy. He has lived more Thanksgivings than most of us, but what he’s thankful for remains the same.

“I’ve got two daughters they’re the apple of my eye…there’s nothing like a father and a daughter, you know you always think you want boys and they’re great these two are great, but the girls are fun, says McGillicuddy.

“Blessings are just being alive..I’ve survived cancer twice I have a lot of things in my life that I’ve come through and they’re behind me and it’s a good feeling,” says Brenda Kinkade of Houlton.

From the people eating their meals to the cooks out back, to the ones who will clean up, everyone that’s part of this dinner is full of holiday spirit.

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