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Vintage Snowmobile Races Will Be Held in Presque Isle

| November 15, 2013

Snowmobile racing is returning to the Northern Maine Fairgrounds. The announcement that Presque Isle will host a vintage Snowmobile Race in March was made earlier today.

The Northern Maine Fairgrounds will be the site of a vintage snowmobile race in March. Rickie Guerrette is the event director.

“There’s a lot of older sleds around and a lot of young fellows would like to get into this event and it kinds of preserves the heritage of the County.”

This video is from a helmet cam worn by Dave Harris of Caribou who competes  throughout New England

” They are a Grand Prix style course that are about a half mile. There’s a lot of turns mostly right turns, but there are some left turns. The track does get rough  moguls that develop over the course of the day.”

Turner currently holds a huge event each year and Guerrette thinks that the Frozen Motor Mayhem could be huge for the County

” Last year they had about 110 or 120  sleds there three to four thousand spectators it’s a big big event.  It’s big outside the State of Maine and there’s no reason why Presque Isle, Maine can’t be in this deal too.”

The event is sponsored by the Northern Maine Fair  and the race will be run on the infield and on the pulling track.

” We have four different classes. The sled are 73 and older one of the events then we will have a class of 73 and up but they have to have leaf spring suspension. We will have a single cylinder and a twin cylinder. We are also going to have mini sled race for the kids with little 120’s hopefully that draws a big crowd

Harris said he is excited to have this event in his backyard and he hopes that it is a huge success

” I am excited to have a race in the local area. Of course I think it’s the place that snowmobile racing should occur. I’m sure there’s a lot of old vintage snowmobiles that people can pull out of their barns and have a good day of racing.

For more information or to register to race you can visit the Northern Maine Fair Facebook page

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