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Veterans Day Celebration held at the Van Buren High School

| November 8, 2013


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Veterans day is set aside as a special time to honor those who’ve fought for our freedom. That actual date is this upcoming Monday, but a special Veterans Day Celebration was held in Van Buren today to recognize it. There was a packed auditorium at the Van Buren High School today for singing performances, video presentations, and guest speakers; all to commemorate service members that have fought for the freedom of our country.

Van Buren High School English Teacher Bea Pirie said,  “Well the kids have put in a whole lot of work in doing this it’s a K through 12 program this year, every year more and more students come, wanting to get involved and it’s just a whole community effort.”

This is the 10th annual Veterans day celebration at the Van Buren high school, there were over 300 people in attendance and that includes veterans.

Veteran Peter F. Miesburger said, “So proud to see these students here actively involved.”

The names of Veterans in the crowd were also called one by one to recognize and honor their time in the service.

State Representative Bernard Ayotte of District 3 said, “I don’t think there’s a Veteran that wears his service on his sleeve but I do think there’s no veteran also that doesn’t like to be honored and remembered.”

And everyday is a good day to give a heartfelt thank you to all Veterans that have sacrificed for our freedom. According to the U.S. Department of Veteran affairs, there are over 130,000 Veterans in the state of Maine.

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