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Veteran Takes On A New Role With The Caribou Parks & Rec Department

| February 20, 2014

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A great new opportunity has come to a Presque Isle man. It’s just the kind of opportunity he’s been waiting for. We spoke to him about his new role and how he got it.

He’s a veteran who’s been unemployed for some time….but now Guy Peter Marquis is taking on a new role as Veteran Community Leader in Caribou.

Guy Peter Marquis says, ” basically what I’ll be doing is I’ll be working directly with the caribou parks and rec department.”

Marquis will be dealing primarily with the funding on a new trail project the Caribou parks and rec department is working on.

Marquis says, “we want to get this trail together and make it a user friendly trail for bikers, for walkers, for atv even snowmobile and even equine users.”

This opportunity came after newssource 8 aired a story with Marquis back in early December. The story was about a work opportunity tax credit for employers who hire veterans. We were led to Marquis through the presque isle vfw who told us he was just the Guy that the tax credit applies to.

Marquis, “during our last article or piece we had talked about…i was looking for employment and fortunately the right people were looking at the newscast and said this would probably be the right guy for this job they were looking for.”

VO: After that story aired, Marquis spoke with Kathy Mazzuchelli, director of the caribou parks and rec department who mentioned him to the Maine Conservation Corps. They hired him for the job and he’s been training over past few weeks. It is a temporary 45 week term, but Marquis is thankful for the opportunity.

Marquis, “this will give me vast knowledge in a field I never thought I’d get into which is basically dealing with conservation but according to people up here they said I can probably network with some of those folks and hopefully find something more permanent down the road.”

Marquis’s new position has been welcomed by Department of Agriculture Conservation and Forestry Commissioner Walt Whitcomb, and governor Paul LePage who both have issued statements congratulating Marquis.

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