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Veteran Memorial Park

| September 23, 2013


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The Veterans Memorial Park stands proud in Caribou. This is all thanks to the Veterans memorial park association who have made this happen.

“Initially it was we would like to do this.. and then it was where are we going to do this?” said Phil Mcdonough a chair person of the Veteran Memorial Park Association.

Two years later they purchased this plot of land from the city for 1 dollar, which was graciously accepted by the park association.  The idea for the park came about over a breakfast discussion. Two veterans dreamed of this and then they invited more veterans and it became a reality. one of their essentials was to honor the females as well as male veterans. This was a big thing for the Secretary of the Veterans Memorial Park association Cuppy Johndro.

” A lot of time people see veterans as men, well women are there too.” Johndro said.

Since the park has been built, they have been fundraising in hopes of adding to the park, to this date they have raised about 18 thousand dollars.  This has gone towards different events, the sign, a wall around the statue, and their new flag pole.

The veterans memorial park looks amazing with all of the work they have done this year, however they are looking to do more work within the next couple of years and to do that they need donations.

The next thing thing they are looking to add to the park is a large wall, this wall will include all of the service branches but not only that, they will get a POW MIA which is very important to this park.

“this is for the living veteran, but to recognize those veterans is extremely important to other veterans.” Johndro said.

So much has already been accomplished, but future plans are always still in the works.

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