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Van Buren therapy horse Aisha in need of donations

| January 25, 2014


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All pet lovers out there know that animals are a great source of happiness; and in some cases they can also be a great source of therapy. Well one very special therapeutic horse out of Van Buren that works with special needs children and veterans is now in need of some help itself. News Source 8’s Angela Christoforos reports…

Her name is Aisha, nickname, the war horse. But really, Aisha’s a gentle giant. She’s a source of therapy at the Perfect Ponies Learning Center in Van Buren, and now this horse that helps others, needs some help herself. She has an ovarian tumor and needs a costly surgery in Portland to get it removed.

Samantha Meile who heads the Go-Fund-Me site for Manes and Tails said,  “As far as she’s concerned she’s still fine, but it’s hindering her work, she does work with special needs children and war vets.”

Owner of Perfect Ponies Learning Center Nancy Dumond Violette said, “The value of a horse that helps people is underestimated.”

“She does the same kind of work and sometimes better than a human therapist can do,” said Meile.

Aisha’s a friendly girl, she’ll let almost anyone ride her and she loves her job of helping others. Going for a ride on Aisha is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face- and the relaxing calming effects that go along with it are a healing tool for those with disabilities.

Kelly Bynion-Cullins who is a mother of 3 autistic children said, “Even when they’re having the roughest day she’s very patient, and they seem to understand each other there’s silent communication.”

Horse Lover Chelsea Weymouth said, “I mean to me she’s just like a big soft pillow.”

Perfect Ponies Learning Center cannot cover the cost of Aisha’s treatments; so non-profit organization Manes and Tails has stepped in to help fundraise, hoping to raise $9,000 by the beginning of Spring. It’s asking for the publics help to help them, help Aisha.

“The horse doesn’t want us to give up on her,” said Violette.

So far $375 has been raised. If you’d like to support Aisha and help her get her surgery, go to

Manes and Tails non-profit organization’s website ->


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