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Van Buren Benefitting From Nearby Port of Entry

| August 7, 2013


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Northern Maine Paving is one of newest businesses to make Van Buren home. The company thought the town was a great location and fit for their business particularly because of its close proximity to the new port of entry.

Dan LaPointe is the Van Buren Director Of Economic and Community Development and says “I think the ease of being able to cross their construction equipment here influenced their decision to locate in Van Buren.”

And LaPointe says he’s heard of other businesses wanting to follow suit.

“we do hear of people taking a second look in van Buren it has a lot of opportunity and success for companies who want to do cross border traffic.”

Though the official opening is later this month, its seeing traffic through and is having a positive impact on the town of Van Buren. LaPointe says its making the community a transportation and potentially economic development hub.

“Van Buren is a center of a transportation hub both rail and track car we clear float planes for customs  and all kinds of other activities here so we’re kind of excited if we could put this all together.”

Lapointe goes onto say economic development officials are so expectant that new businesses will launch ties to Van Buren because of the port of entry they’ve created a strategic plan committee to examine ways to capitalize on future opportunities.

“We’re trying to emphasize that we’re a place that you can do business we’re trying to attract companies that wanna do business both in Maine and Canada.”

LaPointe says these are exciting times for the town that are putting it on the maps…on both US and Canadian.

And just an added note: The new Van Buren border port of entry will have their formal grand opening later this month.

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