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Valentine’s Day Winter Storm Packs Punch in Northern Maine

| February 17, 2014


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This winterstorm continued to pack a punch. Slick road conditions made for messy travel throughout the day. Earlier this morning, our Shawn Cunningham braved the winter elements. LIKE HER, she reports on how those who HAD to be out and about HELD UP throughout the storm. Its Valentine’s Day and this latest winter storm is showing the county all its love. Let’s find out who had the courage to brave all this winter weather. Its been an exhausting twelve hours for John Greenier. He’s been shoveling and plowing parking lots since the early hours of Friday morning. “I’ve been out since one o’clock this morning and if you have to stay home, stay home,” says Greenier. Maine DOT had cleanup crews plowing snow all over the county. Putting in long hours, picking up snow and clearing roadways. Adam Thompson is a local plow driver and says “its kind of a mess here, but new gotta get it cleaned up.” And SPEAKING of clear roadways, not many cars on the roads or people in sight. Many businesses shutdown, but for others it was BUSINESS AS USUAL.” Adam Swanson is a local business owner and says “I don’t mind it.” Several people agreed with that sentiment. So much so they took full advantage to get out and about and take this weather in…by taking a long walk. “Well I’m putting one foot in front of the other and my goal is to get to the grocery store,” adds Todd Russell.  “Its 9:30 AM and here on the Caribou Road visibility’s pretty clear right now. But just two hours ago when I came into work you couldn’t see a thing or car in front of you. Blowing snow and heavy winds made for whiteout conditions, so the best idea is to drive extremely slow.” Slow driving was how one plowdriver on his ATV was getting rid of the snow. Kevin Coughlin says”its easier to plow it than shovel it I guess.” And no day, including snow days keeps some delivery people from making their rounds to businesses around time. Especially when you have kind neighbors helping to keep your driveway shoveled out. “I live right next door and I come over to help them,” says Donny Stone, a good Samaritan.  The kindness of strangers can be a hug on the heart…on this Valentine’s Day Winter Storm…” Plowdrivers working these roads say if you don’t have to be out in this weather stay home. Heavy winds and falling snow make for messy road conditions.

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