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Upcoming Education to Industry Summit

| July 31, 2013


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Education and building a strong work force go hand in hand; that’s why the Aroostook Partnership for Progress has made plans for an ” Education to Industry Summit” to encourage an open discussion amongst employers, students, and educators to discuss issues and brainstorm solutions.

A lot of students educated here don’t end up staying and working here. And the number of young generations in the workforce is on the decline…

President of Aroostook Partnership for Progress Bob Dorcey says, “It virtually impacts every segment of our society; from our schools to our businesses to the services and what we have here in Aroostook County. It’s that important.”

The long term impact could be detrimental, that’s why initiatives like the ” Education to Industry” Summit have been put into place.

The summit will be held on UMPI’s campus;  it’s purpose is to address the declining workforce of peopled ages 18-44, and to brainstorm how this trend can be reversed.

Dorcey says one potential way to do that is through job shadows and internships, “We’re going to have some real life examples of interns both their current experience and employers that have had interns and talk about the value of that to other businesses.”

The goal is increased awareness of how these programs benefit both students and employers; to keep more of them here in the County.

Dorcey says, ” There are over 2,000 jobs projected in the next 5 years and that’s before we even get mining here if we get mining there would be another 3 to 500 jobs associated with that industry.”

The Executive Director of Leaders Encouraging Aroostook Development Ryan Pelletier says,  ” Obviously health care is our largest sector in Aroostook County, with the hospitals the nursing homes, the assistant living centers, healthcare is projecting over 5 to 600 jobs over the next 5 years. Really all industry sectors are seeing some growth.”

The message here is loud and clear- the County has PLENTY of jobs, and more are emerging across several industry sectors.

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