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United Vets Teddy Bear Motorcycle Club Provides Comfort for Kids

| July 28, 2014


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Over the weekend Motorcycles rolled into TAMC; BEARING comfort for kids. The United Vets Teddy Bear Motorcycle Run began at the American Legion in Houlton and made it’s way up to Presque Isle. News Source 8’s Angela Christoforos tells us about this an annual tradition…

This Stuffed Animal for Holden Deschaine is one of over 600, meant to bring comfort to kids going through injury or illness.

TAMC RN Georgina Schiff said, “An emergency room visit can be very stressful as you can imagine and especially for a child so it’s nice to be able to provide them a kind gesture and put a smile on their face.”

Holden’s Mother Deanna Deschaine said, “He had a cist on his stomach that we had to have drained, they actually had to cut it so that was pretty scary for him so it was really nice that they were willing to do this it just helped, it did make him feel a little bit better.”

It’s part of the United Vets Teddy Bear Run.. More than 50 motorcyclists took part in collecting and distributing over 600 donated stuffed animals to kids in Emergency Rooms at local County organizations like TAMC.

United Vets Motorcycle Club President Robert Wright said, “If you’re a parent, you’ve had a child in the emergency room for one thing or another. You know, so it’s our way of helping.”

It’s an annual tradition thanks to a collaboration of local motorcycle clubs.

“We’ve already got donations for next years run,” said Wright.

A run, that’s not just rewarding for the children.

“What makes it truly worth while is to have somebody come up and say you know I got one of your teddy bears a long time ago and it helped,” said Wright.

A hug in the heart that can make all the difference.

If you’re interested in learning more about the United Vets Teddy Bear Run, contact Bob Wright at 207-540-6475.

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