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UMPI Professor receives award that the University has never seen before

| November 7, 2013


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The first ever Donald and Linda G. Zillman Family Professorship was awarded Thursday November 7th.  The Professorship is awarded to one tenured UMPI faculty member to assist in research and faculty development.

Dr. Wang professor of earth and environmental science was the first professor to receive the Zillman Family Professorship award here at UMPI.  The Professorship awards the recipient with about a $10,000 dollar annual raise for two years. Dr. Wang told us that he will put his money towards lab upgrading as well as towards his research project.

” Which is about a big fault, the Norumbega Fault system in central eastern Maine.. it’s a part of my Fault so we have already done field work for several weeks.” Wang explained.

Some of this field work includes he and his student assistant Jared Dickinson finding the “Eddington granite stock” which they named after the town of Eddington by Wang. Back in September Wang also conducted a 3 and a half day field bedrock geological mapping in Great Ponds area in Hancock County maine.

Zillman told us why Wang is the clear choice for the Professorship award.

“He is a researcher that can be as close as Presque Isle, the lakes around here and geological material there, as far as away as funded support from the Chinese government in Chinese geological research on important things like under ground energy development going on, and all places in between.”

Wang was the first receive The Zillman Family Professorship, but the next recipient, will be chosen in 2 years.  Zillman told us that his hope for the future is to have an array of professors in all different areas receive this award.

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