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UMPI Online Student Travels More than 1400 Miles to Attend Graduation

| May 16, 2014

HerbertStory from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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UMPI student Heather Herbert is on campus for the first time, just in time for graduation on Saturday. That’s because the 43-year-old lives more than 1400 miles away in Cumming Georgia.

“We did the first leg up to Virginia and that was about 12 hours and we did the next leg up to Boston and that was about 13.. and yesterday we did Boston to Presque Isle,” she said.

Herbert made the journey with her family of five. The family license plate PUNK28 or “punctuate” might give away that Herbert is getting her Bachelor of Arts with a major in English. She’s also getting dual minors in psychology and humanities. She started classes online at UMPI last year already having more than 120 credit hours under her belt. So why did she travel three days for the graduation? She wanted to meet and connect with professors and inspire her children.

“Showing my kids that there’s some happiness at the end of all this studying…because for the last year they’ve seen me disappear to my basement office lair every single evening with an apology..and i want them to see that hard work ends up with that’s not only good for your career good for your life but is happy,” she said.

And the three can’t wait to see their mom get her diploma and cheer her on.

“She’s worked really really hard all the time..and I’m extremely proud of her,” said her daughter Eleanor Herbert.

And while she is excited about this important milestone, she’s not done. She’ll have about three weeks off after graduation before beginning an online master’s program.

“People are already saying well maybe you’re going to do your doctorate online..well, we’ll see about that,” she said.

Whatever she ends up doing, she can be sure that her family will be ready to jump in the van and head off to the next graduation wherever that may be.

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