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UMPI and NMCC Articulation Agreements

| August 22, 2013


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UMPI and NMCC are two separate institutions of higher education in Presque Isle, but today the two schools came together to host a ceremony concerning two agreements that will benefit transfer students at both institutions.

UMPI President Linda Schott said,  “Students used to go to a school and stay there and graduate from there and that’s much less common these days students tend to move around and so we need to adapt and have a system that allows them to move around as seamlessly and with as little extra cost as possible.”

If credits didn’t transfer, that could put a student at risk for having to pay to take the same class over again. But one of the agreements today ensures that students at both NMCC and UMPI will be able to transfer their General Education course credits between schools with ease.

NMCC President Tim Crowley said, “This is going to make the path very clear for them so that when they come to the college they’ll have a path outlined for them that will tell them if you take these courses they will transfer and they will count towards the following courses at UMPI.”

And the 2nd articulation agreement allows for transition between NMCC’s Early Childhood Associate degree program and UMPI’s Bachelor degree program in Elementary Education; that would help prospective Early Childhood Teachers meet state requirements.

NMCC President Tim Crowley said, “The number of students that have transferred NM in higher education to higher institutions has gone up every year, and so our hope is that more students will transfer from NM to UMPI and take advantage of the educational opportunities right here in the County.”

0Efforts to increase transfer-ability between Maine’s public universities and community colleges is a statewide effort; NMCC and UMPI right here in Aroostook County are off to a great start.

UMPI President Linda Schott said, “What we’re doing here today puts us out in front as a leader in the getting the connections between the community college and the local University.”


UMPI President Linda Schott says articulation agreements with other community colleges across the state are also in the works.

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