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UMFK Hosts “Earth Day…Everyday” Event for Fort Kent Youngsters

| April 14, 2014


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This slightly warm weather took some youngsters from inside the classroom to a different ENVIRONMENT. A college campus to be more exact. And it’s a different lesson of higher learning these kids were getting…one that hopefully has them appreciating the environment for years to come. Shawn Cunningham explains.

These wide eyed Fort Kent youngsters are all hands on with these earthworms. No books…these creepy crawly critters are the lesson for the day. Appreciate the environment and all Mother Earth’s creatures.

Leslie Kelly is the Dir. Of Information Services for UMFK and says “I think hands on activities gets students more involved and they can really see it versus just reading about it in a book.”

UMFK is hosting this hands-on workshop called “Earth Day, Everyday” to teach youngsters appreciation for nature, ecology, forestry and environmental science. More than 40 first graders are taking part in this exercise.

Organizers of this workshop say learning about science and the environment in the classroom is good, but it doesn’t have the same impact as touching a toad or building a bird feeder. it’s a hands on education and appreciation these kids will have for a long time. Katina Caron is a volunteer for this Earth Day Everyday event and says “all kids should know about toads and frogs and how bad the environment is affecting everything whjatever happens to toads and frogs happens to people.” “We should all take care of our environment and our earth and learning at this young age they’ll be able to take of this earth for themselves when they’re adults,” adds Dr. Doris Metz UMFK Professor

And judging by what they say they’ve learned, its a good chance these kids will do just that.

“Not to keep your fire going when you leave,” says Liam Holabird a¬†First Grader.

“Don’t put a fire with other things,” says Sawyer Daigle another First Grader.

Allie Caron another¬†First Grader says “make sure you put your fire before you leave your campsite.”

Important lessons that are leaving a lasting footprint on these kids minds.


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