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Two Perth Andover,N.B. Fires Being Investigated…Deemed Suspicious

| May 7, 2014


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Two fires that happened over the weekend are being investigated in Perth Andover, New Brunswick. Authorities are calling both incidents SUSPICIOUS. And as Shawn Cunningham reports, apparently these two incidents are the latest in a string of OTHER suspicious fires that occurred in the village.

Perth Andover N.B.

A crew of contractors are assessing the damage of the now total loss THAT WAS 1241 West Riverside Drive. The three story historic home was set on fire Saturday afternoon says Perth Andover Fire Chief Philip Walker.

“Its a building that was damaged in the flood and its been purchased by the province and was scheduled for demolition. After arriving we discovered from the contractor there was urea formaldehyde foam in the walls so we had to make an extra effort to extinguish the fire and called in heavy equipment and take the roof off the building,” says Walker.

Chief Walker says upon finding out there was a hazardous chemical within the walls of the building other precautions had to be taken to ensure the public’s and firefighters’ safety.

Walker says “We contacted provincial environment and they told me we had to evacuate a thousand foot area around the building we had to all be on air and it was a concern.”

Five fire trucks and a crew of twelve firemen put out the blaze only to have to return to the site the next day to put out ANOTHER FIRE of the building located directly BEHIND the home on West Riverside. BOTH fires are being called suspicious. Walker says they’re being investigated by RCMP. He says these two incidents are added to a list of OTHER suspicious fires that occurred in Perth Andover in the last year and a half.”

“We have had some that were suspicious in nature some of them that were solved, some that were not solved.” In the meantime, he says fire personnel are concerned about other abandoned buildings in the area.

Walker adds “We have a number of structures now that are scheduled to be demolished after the flood and I am worried about them I know the council is worried about them because they are potential fires.”

Walker says RCMP questioned folks in the area about the fires. He says no suspects are being pinpointed. The investigation is ongoing.

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