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Two Local Boys Recieve The Cubby Fund’s Hero Award

| January 22, 2014


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Colby is your typical 9 year old. He loves to go sledding, play on his Ipad and play trucks with his brother. You would never know that just a few months ago, he was in a hospital bed unable to do any of those things.

“June 10th Colby went into the hospital at Eastern Maine Medical Center. His blood levels were really low and his white blood cells were really low, he needed some red blood cell transfusions and some platelet transfusions. From there it got worse,” said Colby’s Mother, Lisa Scott.

Colby was admitted to Tufts floating hospital for children in Boston, and diagnosed with Aplastic anemia a rare blood disorder which results in bone marrow failure.

Colby was told that only 5 percent of his bone marrow was working and that he would need a transplant.  Lucky for him his brother was a perfect match.

“I donated my blood to him and if you don’t his blood cells will get weaker and weaker,” said Colby’s brother Carson.

6 year old Carson’s Bone Marrow donation saved his brothers life, for that, he and his brother Colby are being recognized by The Cubby thrift store’s Cubby Fund.They both received 100 dollar checks through the Cubby Funds Hero Award’s program. Cindy Johnson the owner of the Cubby Thrift store, started the Cubby fund because of her son Kaleb Cubby Johnson.

“He was born with a life threatening illness in which tumors grow on nerves and we had to travel for numerous appointments and he had many surgeries and the prognosis was that he wouldn’t live to be four and he is now fifteen,” said Johnson.

Johnson continued by saying this is their way of giving back. She says they are happy to finally be in a position where they can give back to the community through the money they make at their three Cubby Thrift Store locations. She feels it is important to help others who are going through similar struggles to what she went through.

As for the Scott family, Colby is doing very well. As a family they will be traveling to Disney World in September as part of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

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