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Two Electric Companies Officially Merge Becoming Emera Maine, No Changes For Customers

| January 1, 2014

EmeraMaine from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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Maine Public Service and Bangor Hydro Electric are now officially one company.

Now that two electric companies are under one name, officials say it simply means that it’s now officially one company, since Maine Public Service has already been working under the same management as Bangor Hydro since 2012.

Mike Eaton, the Manager of Rates, tells us about the transition.  “To help with the transition we’re going to have a maine public district for northern maine and a bangor hydro district, so that people can- for things like standard offer and their rates, they’ll have some slight differences for a while.

The cost effectiveness of merging and working together also translates to money being saved for the company.

Eaton says, “Becoming Emera Maine has additional savings in that we’re legally one entity, our filings, we reduce them to one instead of two and it takes a lot of duplication out of stuff so it’s going to reduce additional costs moving forward.”

Resources will be shared as well, as they have been with the recent ice storms. Crews from the Maine Public District were sent to the bangor service area for mutual aid. Eaton says there isn’t really anything with these changes that affects customers.

Eaton adds,  “There are separate rates still between the maine public district and the bangor hydro district so their rates aren’t going to change because of this and so if they’re looking at stuff on their website look for stuff that says maine public district but other than that they shouldn’t expect changes just a different name.”

Customers can expect a new website,, which will be launched by the company in about week or so…..”that’s were people can go to find out more about the two companies becoming as one, and be one resource for people to use,”  Eaton adds.

Customers will be able to look up their accounts on the website.   Emera Maine was going to launch the site this week, but they decided to focus on finishing power restoration to those who are still affected by the recent ice storms.

Emera Maine is owned by Emera Incorporated, a Nova Scotia based energy company.  Emera Maine services roughly 150-thousand customers and employs just over 400 people.

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