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Top Gun Prep Course

| September 18, 2013

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Here in Aroostook county there are many business’… however they would not be here if it weren’t for the entrepreneurs who started these business.  The Maine Center for entrepreneurial development has created the Top Gun Prep program for those interested in starting up their own business.

“top Gun is an entrepreneurship acceleration program that’s been around since 2009 and about a year ago we split it into two pieces, top gun prep online class and then an in person top gun mentoring class.” Say’s Don Gooding, Executive Director of the MCED.

The program covers everything from figuring out what your business model is going to be… to what kind of digital marketing techniques your going to use… to how your going to raise money to get the business of the ground. “An entrepreneur is able to create their own destiny, as we all know its a kind of tough economic climate out there and you don’t have a lifetime career with a big company the way you use to”, says Gooding.

Being around since 2009, they have shown positive results.  Gooding say’s,  “we’ve had some company’s that have already gone on to get venture capital funding, others that have gone on and been acquired yet others that are in national distribution.”

The program promotes linked-in as a good tool to network with others who have gone through the top gun prep program… If starting a business has always been your dream, this might just be the answer your looking for.  The top Gun Prep course will start on September 18th, that will also be the deadline of when you can sign up… All residents of Aroostook county who are interested in the scholarship program, applications are available at the NMDC.

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