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Theft Gone Wrong at Stew’s Downtown Sight and Sound

| February 21, 2014

THEFT from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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22 year old, Richard Churchill Jr. of Presque Isle, made an “attempt” to steal surveillance equipment on Wednesday morning but something got in his way.

“He went in and grabbed a bunch of stuff, and turned to run out and in their haste to get out, they actually wound up running through or into the glass door of the business,” says Deputy Chief Laurie Kelly.

This is the door that stood between Churchill and his escape. The door was completely shattered, but as you can see it is already repaired and Stew’s Sight and Sound is open for business.

According to Stew, Churchill spoke to an employee about possibly renting a computer monitor, then decided he wanted to buy it. The employee went to ring him up, and that’s when Churchill grabbed the surveillance equipment.

“When my crew noticed what he was doing, they yelled at him, he sped up, had a mix up in the doors, fell through breaking the door cutting his face severely,” says Stew Libby, owner of Stew’s Downtown Sight and Sound.

After breaking through the door, he turned left out of Stew’s and ran until he dropped the equipment and surrendered near Chapman Road. Churchill’s face was bleeding pretty bad, so police were able to follow his trail. The ambulance showed up and he was taken to The Aroostook Medical Center.¬†About $500 worth of merchandise was stolen. His record still needs to be looked over to determine if he has any other convictions.¬†Kelly says Churchill should have an arraignment on March 19, where he will enter a plea.

” I think it’s quite obvious. The court system will have no problem convicting him. There’s all kinds of evidence. It’s pretty hard to deny,” says Libby.

In regards to the theft gone wrong.

“It’s not very common, but certainly every once and awhile, you know something just goes kind of array in the commission of crime,” says Kelly.

No word on his current condition.

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