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The Salvation Army in Houlton Temporarily Closes Their Doors

| January 14, 2014


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The Salvation Army thrift store in Houlton closed its doors on December 30th and still remains closed.

“The reason why the Houlton thrift store was closed here is because of safety concerns,” Said Damon Hayward Envoy of the Salvation Army in Houlton.

A leak in the roof was brought to Hayward’s attention by the Houlton thrift store manager. ¬†Hayward stated the leak was most likely a result of about 2 feet of snow piled on the roof. The leak became a great concern when he noticed it starting to spread.

“We noticed that it wasn’t just saying isolated in one place,” said Hayward.

The Houlton Town Code Enforcement has been to the thrift store and has inspected the building. They have the same concerns as Hayward concerning the leaky roof and foundation of the building.

“We’re still in communication in reference to the rest of the rest of the plan here, you know, if it’s going to be a plan we move forward with and see resolve again, that is the ultimate hope here,” said Hayward.

Hayward told us that the thrift store is only temporarily closed, it is not permanent. As for when it will open, he told us they are unsure and are still working with the owner of the building.

“We are just hopefully for resolve here soon,”added Hayward.

The Salvation Army thrift stores are used to help fund the mission to help under privileged families, each day that the thrift store is closed is another day they come up short financially.

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