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The Presque Isle Community Center Project Campaign has started

| October 21, 2013


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During the Presque Isle Community Center Project campaign Committee meeting, members spoke on their plans for the community center and how the current building is just not up to par.

The Rec Director of Presque Isle, Chris Beaulieu said,”Beyond the physical condition of this building, I think program wise the need is very high.”

Physical conditions include an outdated electrical system , a leaky roof, rotting floor joists and asbestos in the walls and ceilings. The costs to fix these problems could exceed over $877,000.  The Rec Center has been here for over 70 years now and the committee feels it is time for an expansion.  The new community center will not only provide more services but it will also serve a larger percent of the community.

City Manager Jim Bennett said, “With the way its designed you could end up really easily having that facility at some point during the year, end up serving up towards half of the people in the community, maybe even more.”

Moving forward the Committee plans to build a 30,475 square foot facility that will include a gymnasium, walking track, senior center, teen center, toddler room, multipurpose room and locker rooms, along with an outdoor pool and splash pad located near Riverside Drive.

As far as taxes go, community center campaign committee member Scott Norton told us it will have an impact on taxes.

Community center campaign committee member, Scott Norton said, “If you took a one hundred thousand dollar house hold, the annual impact on taxes would be 71 dollars,there’s more to the story on that too because with the closure of outdoor pool and some other facilities operating expenses will be down throughout this for the city as well.”

The committee went on to say that having a community center in the area will promote Presque Isle. People coming in from surrounding areas, downtown restaurants and merchants could benefit as well.  Donations are being accepted, there are also named gift opportunities as well.

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