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The Maine Legislature Overturns Gov. LePage’s Veto on a Bill to Fix a Multimillion Dollar Budget Gap

| May 1, 2014


AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) – Gov. Paul LePage’s veto of a bill to fix a $32 million gap in the state’s budget has been overturned.  The House voted 134-12 on Thursday in favor of preserving the funding bill for the fiscal year that starts in July. The Senate followed with a 35-0 vote. The measure would also provide Medicaid services for hundreds of developmentally disabled Mainers who are currently on waitlists. LePage criticized lawmakers for using “gimmicks” to keep the $6.3 billion budget balanced. He opposed a provision that extends the cycle of Medicaid payments to providers, which is expected to save the state $20 million. The bill is one of dozens of vetoed bills lawmakers are considering Thursday.

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