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The Cubby Thrift Store Names Jayden Cormier Hero of the Month

| August 28, 2014


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Jayden Cormier looks like a healthy nine year old boy. You would never know he’s been struggling with a serious health issue for the past few years.

“It’s called a Vascular Malformation, and it’s in his right sinus,” says Jayden’s mother, Carlene Cormier.

Basically, it’s a tumor that has lots of blood vessels, and grows daily. This inhibits Jayden from doing anything like swimming, playing sports, and even drinking from a straw. The tumor was found in August of 2012. He was then referred to doctors in Boston. Jayden had his first surgery in February 2013.

“Jayden has had eight surgeries, and we’ve made ten trips to Boston. He’s been very brave, very very brave,” says Cormier.

This past July, Jayden and his family had a close call, when the tumor opened and Jayden started bleeding.

“I was bleeding out and I went in the ambulance and they gave me two IV’s and I flew to Boston in an airplane,” says Jayden Cormier.

“They did an emergency surgery once we got to Boston, and he almost lost his life. He was given back five units of blood,” says Cormier.

Knowing this could happen again, Jayden’s mother says he’s even afraid to sleep at night.

“I’ve been scared,” says Jayden.

The Cubby Thrift store heard about Jayden’s bravery and nominated him for their Hero of the Month Award. They presented him with this check for $100 dollars.

“This is our way of recognizing a child for their bravery in their face of adversity and also bringing community awareness and support. Sometimes we lose the compassion piece and we need to be mindful that there are those who are struggling in the community and the outreach is necessary,” says President of the Cubby Thrift Store, Cindy Johnson.

Jayden will be going for another surgery in September. Doctors will remove his cheek bone, part of his pallet and his permanent teeth. They hope this will remove the mass. He will then have to have multiple reconstruction surgeries down the road. His twin sisters are hoping for the best. They say they want to play with him again.

” I hope he gets better and I love him,” says Jayden’s sister Paige.

“I love him because he’s my best brother ever,” says Jayden’s sister Emma.

A feeling shared by all who knows this brave kid.

If anyone would like to help out Jayden and his family, you can make a donation by going to

There will also be a benefit dinner held at the Presque Isle Elks on August 30th.


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