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The Cold Weather is Here, So Make Sure Your House is Weatherized

| December 12, 2013


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We will feel the coldest air so far this season, as highs will only reach the single digits. Arctic air is pouring into the region dropping temperatures, and the wind is not helping the matter. Todd Foisy, the Science and Operations Officer, shows a map of the minimum winds chills for Thursday morning.

“You can see there’s 20 below in Caribou, this dark pink way up here is Northern Maine and Western Maine, that’s where we are expecting temperatures to be 20 below zero, so very cold wind chills tomorrow morning.”

Foisy says this is about a week earlier than we usually see highs this cold. He says it’s not unheard of, just a little earlier. So since the weather is turning much colder, it is important to make sure your house is properly weatherized, because in the end it will keep you warmer and save money on heating costs. I spoke with Randy Hitchcock, the Store Manager at the S.W Collins Store in Presque Isle about how to weatherize your home.

Randy says, “The most important thing is to weatherize your windows and doors and around your foundation. If your susceptible to any drafts coming through your foundation, any draft will freeze a pipe pretty quickly, so a lot of people put poly around their foundation, and put poly around their exterior windows, or there are kits to put on the inside of the window.”

Other things that can be done include insulating around your windows with spray foam or insulation. Hitchcock says if you own a mobile home it is also important to have it weatherized.

“”If you have a mobile home, and have skirting around it, you might want heat tapes on your pipes to help eliminate freezing,” says Hitchcock.

Some signs that indicate improper insulation include snow loss on the roof and icicles. It’s going to be a cold week ahead, and Hitchcock says making sure your house is ready for the cold temperatures not only keeps you warm, but helps save money in the long run.

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