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The 2014 property tax budget is already in the works

| October 8, 2013


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At last nights city council meeting city manager of Presque Isle Jim Bennett proposed the 2014 budget.

Bennett said, “This years budget that I proposed last night increases spending by about 60 thousands dollars over last years adjusted budget…and that’s all in capitol so that’s all that moneys being invested back into either roads, or sidewalks or equipment.”

If the plan he submitted last night remains the way it is, with the expenses up and the revenue down, the plan will increase taxes.

“It would be a 73 cent increase in the taxes, on top of the 80 cents that’s already included because of the school budget, so a dollar fifty three would be the increase, I fully suspect the council will end up making adjustments before the process is completed.” Bennett said.

If the tax rate went up 1.53, and your home was worth 100,000 dollars you would pay 153 dollars more on property tax.  In two weeks from now the city council will hear another presentation from the finance director and Bennett which will go into a little more detail, on November 4th the public will be able to voice their opinions on what the council should do…Bennett told us The process should be completed around the second week in December… the council should have a final draft of the budget proposal and hopefully be able to gain 5 votes…Bennett will attend another meeting tonight, but on a different topic.  The city managers from Presque Isle and Caribou will have a meeting tonight to discuss their consolidation efforts for the future.

Bennett told us, “Tonight’s meeting is going to be a presentation of what both city managers have said that we think make some scene and when do we think it makes sense to take a look at them, so we will have some short term recommendations, long term recommendations and we will have some very specific recommendations that we think the two towns should look at consolidating or collaborating on”

One of those specific things that they are looking to collaborate on is having a shared dispatch, if the two cities do decide to collaborate in some ways this could save money down the road.

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