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Taxes Online

| July 30, 2013

Fort Kent residents have been able to pay their vehicle registration online now for a number of years, but the municipality has expanded its menu of fees that can now be paid online.

“Recently, they’ve made the service available for utility payments and tax payments and it’s worked well for us on automobile registrations, so we figured we would move forward on it on the taxes and utility payments,” says Town Manager Don Guimond.

Guimond says the process is really quite easy.

“The customer can gain access through our website. It’s very user friendly. They put in their information and credit card or debit card. The payment is processed electronically, so it’s very simple.”

Another plus, Guimond states, is it reduces the amount of time the staff uses on processing those payments, freeing them up to do other things. Besides the vehicle registration, property tax and utility payments, there are other things that can be paid for online.

“You can do ATV and snowmobile registration. You can do hunting and fishing licenses. You can do boat registrations. Vital records.”

The program is part of the Maine PayPort Online Service and is available 24/7 and is CyberTrust certified for online security. According to Guimond, 9 other communities are participating in the program. He anticipates the number of residents using this online form of payment will grow over the years.

“We’ll be able to track it over time. The internet and technology is the wave of the future, obviously, and more and more folks are doing this, so we expect the usage will increase over time.”

If you would like more information, go to or call the town office at 834-3090.

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