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Tax Notices Mailed Out in Error

| January 13, 2014

Tax Filing

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) – The state of Maine has mailed erroneous tax warnings to 1,000 Maine residents, demanding immediate payment for income taxes, penalties and interest. The letters threatened to garnish recipients’ wages or seize their property if payments were not made.
David Heidrich from the Department of Administrative and Financial Services tells the Portland Press Herald that the error was caused by a software glitch at a print facility. He says 3,500 test letters containing incorrect information were destroyed, but 1,000 letters from a second batch were mistakenly mailed.

Jamin Brown of Saco said he worried about the letter he received all weekend before calling Maine Revenue Servies on Monday. He said he was told several hundred others had called to complain about the mistaken letters.

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