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Mattress Myths

| February 10, 2014

If getting a good night’s sleep is your dream – it may be time to invest in a new bed. But with so many options out there, buying a new mattress can be confusing. In this week’s Angie’s List report, we put the top mattress myths to bed. Lauren Taylor /Holder Mattress: “Right now we […]

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Fundraiser to Benefit Two Local Girls Battling Cancer

| November 27, 2012

Lots of folks went shopping in Fort Kent this weekend..but not necessarily for big sales.¬†A fundraiser held at UMFK helped benefit two local girls battling cancer. News Source 8’s Katie Zarrilli has the story.

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New Change Benefits Canadian Shoppers and County Businesses

| July 3, 2012

On June 1st, the Canadian Government made a huge change… increasing the monetary amount of duty free items Canadian shoppers can bring back over the border. Not only will it make traveling back home a little easier- but it will also help businesses on the U.S. side. News Source 8 reporter¬†Jenna Callari has more.

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