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UMFK President Wilson Hess Stripped Of Honorary Title From Former College

| December 18, 2014

UMFK President Wilson Hess has been stripped of title of President Emeritus from the College of the Marshall Islands. Hess served as President of that institution from 2005 tom 2009, before coming on board as President of the University of Maine at Fort Kent. The controversy could be seen as a slight blight on Hess’ […]

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SEARS Workers Already Looking For Replacement Jobs and Opportunities According To Presque Isle Career Development Officials

| December 11, 2014

SEARS is one step closer to permanently closing its doors at the Aroostook Centre Mall. Shawn Cunningham reports on what looms for its workers. Presque Isle Customers go in and out of SEARS buying up the last bit of store items for sale. There’s still more inventory left to sell before the store permanently closes […]

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Leaders Encouraging Aroostook Development Meet With Aroostook Delegation Lawmakers to Discuss Important County Issues

| December 10, 2014

County leaders of industry and economic development held an important meeting of the minds today with members of the Aroostook delegation. Shawn Cunningham reports. FILE A new state legislature will convene in January, 00:05 Caribou but before it does Aroostook state lawmakers are getting an earful from from this roundtable of county LEADERS, Leaders Encouraging […]

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WHOU Radio DJ’s Home Burns Down..Loses Everything…Public Help Is Needed

| December 5, 2014

Our top story tonight, a fire breaks out overnight in Linneus at a home near Drews Lake. The home is a total loss. But luckily, the occupants got out alive. Though some┬ápets are ┬ástill missing. The public’s help is now needed. Shawn Cunningham has more on this harrowing story. Linneus Chris Putnam is walking through […]

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Nine Month Infant In Need of Bone Marrow Transplant…Family Asking For Community Help

| December 4, 2014

One county family is hoping for a Christmas miracle for their infant son. Shawn Cunningham reports on how the public can help save a child’s life. Presque Isle Little Daymion Argraves is starting to crawl. In many ways he’s like other nine month olds, but in ONE IMPORTANT WAY he’s not. Before Daymion was born, […]

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